Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The D Post


How often do we use words with D in them? You decide, but this is a D Dragon post. Please comment your D word!


This is a short story. I call it...
Donro Dragon

Donro Dragon was a dragon in Dragonland, Dragonville. He had lots of friends; Dora Dragon, Dero Dragon, Drigro Dragon, and Drigro's sister, Drigra Dragon.
One day, when Donro was playing Chase Me with his friends (Drigro and Drigra), Drigra said, 'Let's go in the air to play!'. So they went up...All of them...Except Donro.

Donro couldn't fly. It seemed so scary, just...just going up like that. 

'Come on up!' said Drigra, flying up a little higher, 'It's won-der-ful!'. But Donro wouldn't go. His friends sighed, (all at the same time) and went back down.

To be

So-do we use D words often, or do we not? Please comment your say. I think yes, we do use D words often.

The End of the Blog
or The EOTB


Wes said...

This was a lovely story. I liked it very much! =)

And I think D words are very common. Well, they feel like they would be.

My D word is: dingo

tinsenpup said...

Yes, I agree that D words are quite common. Mine is 'Dodo'.