Sunday, February 15, 2009



This is much easier...than writing the blog on my iPod. I've had it for a while and I've got lots of Ben Lee music on it. I've also got Virtual Villagers 1 on it. I unlocked (but I didn't buy) Virtual Villagers 3 on my laptop. I had it for quite a long time, but then my laptop started over, and went back to new. It's a good thing I had backup! But sadly,  I had to start over. I also lost my code for Fish Tycoon, but an old e-mail on my iPod saved it.

Did I tell you that while I was trying to write this on my iPod, it published with only the title?! I quickly deleted it.

If you want me to post a screenshot, comment. I might do one now!

Sorry it's a bit small. Oh, and sorry I didn't do a blog for a while. I'm about...more then 1/4, but less then a half in progress. Maybe a half. And I only have a population of 9! That's because I can't spare researchers. So I try to use the chief.

The End of The Blog
or The EOTB