Thursday, January 22, 2009

Books, Boks and Stories.


Wes doesn't have Internet, so he still hasn't read my last post. I have Internet!
If you have a child, (or if you are one) buy them books!
Scary books would be "boo-ks".
I love to read!
You have to find out what they like (or what kind of book you like if you are a child).
Mama's found guinea pig books on the Internet!
I mean, if you liked dogs you could easily find books about dogs.
If you liked...Cats...Hamsters...Dragons...Guinea pigs...see what I mean?

Anyway, how about that story?

The sunbird and his seamonkey moved into the thunderbird and firefox's house.
They were very happy, once again.
Then one day, there was a great big storm!
It was not only a storm,  it was a thunderstorm!
Pause the story!
Now, what was the thunderbird doing?
He was...

The thunderbird was in the castle-house with the firefox.
Anna had just gone off for a walk. (Remember?)
Pause again!

Back to the sunbird...(and his seamonkey...)
Everyone was in their houses.
'Phew,' said the sunbird, safely in his house, 'At least I can make it sunny again if I want to.' (Remember that he's a sunbird)
The seamonkey blew bubbles. (His power is that he can swing like a monkey. Real seamonkeys don't do that.)
The End of the Blog 
or The EOTB


Wes said...

I'm liking thatg seahorse more and more. He actually has two powers... blowing bubbles and swinging like a monkey.

I wonder what he's saying when he blows bubbles?

Wes said...

P.S. I still don't have internet. I'm just using my dad's internet for now.