Sunday, February 15, 2009



This is much easier...than writing the blog on my iPod. I've had it for a while and I've got lots of Ben Lee music on it. I've also got Virtual Villagers 1 on it. I unlocked (but I didn't buy) Virtual Villagers 3 on my laptop. I had it for quite a long time, but then my laptop started over, and went back to new. It's a good thing I had backup! But sadly,  I had to start over. I also lost my code for Fish Tycoon, but an old e-mail on my iPod saved it.

Did I tell you that while I was trying to write this on my iPod, it published with only the title?! I quickly deleted it.

If you want me to post a screenshot, comment. I might do one now!

Sorry it's a bit small. Oh, and sorry I didn't do a blog for a while. I'm about...more then 1/4, but less then a half in progress. Maybe a half. And I only have a population of 9! That's because I can't spare researchers. So I try to use the chief.

The End of The Blog
or The EOTB


tinsenpup said...

Screen shots are often very interesting. You'll have to teach me how to save them again. I keep cutting the edges off in Gimp. It's all very confusing.

Wes said...

That game you play is interesting...

I think I'll have to check it again again. Soon.

P.S. GIMP is easy! =)

Wes said...

I like your writing... you should write more often! ;)