Monday, January 26, 2009

The iPost


I've got an iPod Touch! Well, not yet. It's supposed to come on Feb 2 or 3. In case you didn't know, Mama has an iPhone. I spent my life savings on it. It's 8gig. Mama's is 16gig. iYou iShould iGet iOne. iThey're iReally iCool! If you're a grown-up, maybe  an iPhone?


The thunderbird said, 'She's the one making the thunderstorm!'

And the firefox said, 'Let's have a closer look!' So they flew down, and then the witch looked up, and spotted them!

'Ha he ha!' said the witch, 'I am unstoppable! But then...the sunbird came! He knocked the witch off the mountain, and flew away! Mind you, it's not that easy to knock witches off mountains.

The End of the Blog
or the EOTB


Wes said...

Ooh! Go Sunbird! Yaaay!

(I hope the witch is OK though?)

Guinea_Pig_Girl said...

Ahhh... happy memories :)