Monday, January 19, 2009

The story continues...


When something is really funny you should say:
Now, my story, I will start a new one...But...But you should wait and see!
Once upon a time, there was a sunbird and his pet, a seamonkey (a seamonkey is a tiny water creature or a Mozilla web browser; Sunbird is a Mozilla calender).
They were very happy together.
Then one day, the sunbird said, 'I am very happy here, but Seamonkey, do you think we should move?'
The seamonkey blew bubbles.
'Oh come on,' said Sunbird, 'Let's move!'
And so they packed, and set off.
They happened to see a very good house, not only was it a good house but it was the thunderbird and firefox's house!
The villagers thought the thunderbird and firefox were never coming back, so the house was on sale.

That is the end (not of the whole story!)

I've got a guinea pigsite!
It's not mine, of course.

The End of the Blog
or The EOTB

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Wes said...

Ooh! A new story! How exciting! =D

I liked it very much!

And the seamonkey was sooo cute! =D