Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Pancake, PC & Pig Post

I had some really nice pancakes today. All you need to do to make them is to make normal pancakes then spread peanut butter on them. Yummy! Remember, though, that not everyone likes peanut butter pancakes. Not everyone likes pancakes. I do though! Also, as a treat, Nutella pancakes are good, but we don't have any Nutella. If you're looking for something different on pancakes, maybe try cheese and Vegemite. I haven't tried them though, or, at least, I don't remember what they taste like if I have.

On your computer, if you've got this maze screensaver, set it to "All Wood" and if you like, set it to have a map. Then, have a look and see what happens. On mine there is wood everywhere. It looks like you are trapped in every direction. There are obstacles around, of course, and those red arrow things that make you go upside down. They also mark out some places and it's easier to navigate around that way. Of course, you don't control the computer. If you can't find the map, it's "Maze Overlay" in "Settings". I'm using a Windows 98 laptop for this though.

Yep, relaxing in the DK lounge; snuggling the best pig in the whole wide world, Karen.

Now to move on to the screensaver, "3D Text", if you've got it. I like to have it at large, fast, make it wobble about - that's the spin style and entering random text like "jdsaklhftjnvjkdapjuei". On this slow computer with a tiny memory, it goes all slow. Now to make it even more funny. Choose a good texture and then have a look. Mine's even got "N" in hieroglyphs - water.

To explain the guinea pig grass photo, Karen has been in her tray eating loads of grass. When I held her, she was all warm.

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Wes said...

I love this blog.

The photograph of the guinea pig is especially nice, and I just wanted to eat that leftover pancake! Yummy!

I used to have this amazing colorful blobby space screensaver on Ubuntu Linux, but since I changed to Xubuntu, I no longer have it.

Keep writing! You have a lovely style and make mundane things seem very interesting. I like seeing things through your eyes!