Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Very First Blog Post

I'm DK (The Dragonkeeper). I am the daughter of tinsenpup and this is my blog. Here is a short story that happened today:

We have four guinea pigs - one named Karen, one named Justine, a little one that is two and a half weeks old and of course Karen, the silky brown one, may well be sister to Justine. Justine is the mother to our little one, except she rejected it and we had to hand raise it ourselves. Tinsenpup also has a blog named Raising the Palm Pig (or something like that) and of course, our male, also the father of our little one. He poos anywhere, anytime! I almost forgot to tell you the name! His name is Theodore and our little one's name is Tamburlaine and, of course, my 21 dragons, for this blog is not only about guinea pigs. Over time, I will tell you about my friends. There's just too much about my friends and me to tell you in one blog!

Now is the short story:

Tamburlaine is in his crate with a blanket over it so that he doesn't jump out (he's always jumping out). I took him out. I probably snuggled him a bit, but I can't remember. He may have escaped to Mama or I may have put him down next to his crate, but he went between the heater and his crate. I tried to grab him, but burnt myself!

That is all. I hope you like my first blog and that's the end.

1 comment:

Wes said...

I was just re-reading your first blog, and thinking how lovely your description of the piggy relationships is.

Lucky for the Palm Pig that someone was there to nurture him.

I guess Justine just wasn't cut out to be a mother.

But lovely pigs, one and all - and an especially lovely blog!