Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunflowers, Hair & Tamburlaines

I just like reading. I do! I just read things automatically if there's something I can read. I also do a few other things automatically: twisting my hair; sucking my hair and making the tips of my hair go along my cheek. As you can see, I do a lot of things automatically with my hair. Also another thing I do automatically with my hair is make big knots. It's hard to get the big knots out.

I'm growing a sunflower. It's growing pretty fast, even at this winter time. I put it on the window ledge. It's a good spot for ripening tomatoes as well, but our tomatoes are gone for the year. We did get an extra boost through autumn though.

Tamburlaine is hiding under the first layer of his three layer hiding place. It's made out of a towel and he's probably got dry poo on his feet, because he walks in his poo. He also sticks his nose in his baby powder milk and that makes him sneeze when he's having milk. It's funny.

1 comment:

Wes said...

I love the way you describe things. I wish I could see everything the way you do. It'd be lovely!

I look forward eagerly to your next blog!