Friday, September 26, 2008

Mozilla and (Guinea) Pigs

Have you ever tried iGoogle before? But have you ever tried Google Chrome before?

Google Chrome is the new Google browser. Some people might know. Some people won't.

iGoogle is a customised Google. You can add themes and gadgets and some of the gadgets are games. On the other hand, there are some cool themes, but I like the rainbow one best. You just happen to stumble upon the best ones.

Now guinea pigs are just so cute. Actually, while I am writing this blog, I really want to hold one and actually, I will. I often tell guinea pigs, 'you're so sute,' instead of 'you're so cute.' On my computer there's this really nice picture of Karen. I've even got it as my icon, because I normally use XP, but sometimes I use Windows 98. Karen is the one I'm holding now and she's all brown and really silky. Brown in a good way, just brown coloured fur.

Now for the Mozilla bit. I've been thinking to make up a story and Mozilla gave me an idea for the two main characters. Guess what they could be; the Thunderbird and the Firefox, of course. Firefox is a web browser and Thunderbird is an email program, although most people may already know that. I can't think up the whole story yet, but maybe I'll do it in a blog to come. I might do it in another blog today, it's just that this blog is getting too full for writing.

Another bit about that picture of Karen. It's a picture of her lying down with her belly facing up and she's lying on my nice black winter jarmie suit.

That's the end of the blog for now.

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