Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Two Subject Blog

Using the Internet has lots of good things and a few bad things. For example, sometimes you load a page then when you're finished with it, you click the 'back' button, but it doesn't go back. Then you click the little button (next to the back button) and there's just a million pages there! I think this occurs in all browsers, it certainly occurs in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Just before I was making this blog post, I was relaxing in my DK-lounge. The guinea pigs were ripping the newspaper out of their tray. The guinea pigs were supposed to hide under that towel in front of the tray, but instead, they kicked it off and hid under their cushion!

I went to a friend's birthday party today. It was great! It was a pizza popcorn party. We stayed up till really late. That was mainly because we watched a movie. It was Charlotte's Web 2.

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