Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Second Chapter

I think I have a cold and I'm always getting colds around this time. Yes, yes, I know it's spring, but I've still got a cold, strangely. 

I just like doing blogs. Let's get on with that second chapter.

The firefox tried summoning his fire at the witch, but it just wouldn't work. The thunderbird tried summoning his thunder at the witch, but that wouldn't work either. The witch said, "Ah, now that I've disabled your magical powers, I'll have you for dinner." The firefox and the thunderbird tried to escape, but now they noticed that ropes had been tied around them. 

The thunderbird said, "I'll try to escape, with my wings, when the witch has gone to bed and call for help, okay?" 

The firefox said, "There's little help around here, but still, there is a possibility, so yes, that sounds like a good plan."

The thunderbird said, "Okay. I think I heard that the witch has gone to bed. I'll try to escape now." The thunderbird flapped his wings and tried to escape, but could not. Suddenly, with a great burst of power, the thunderbird flew away! The thunderbird flew through the giant corn, calling for help. 

At last, he came to his village. He told all the villagers what had happened. They immediately went to the weapons' store and got lots of weapons. They all hurried back to the little cottage in the giant corn, but it had gone.

That is the end of chapter two.

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